Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Building Team Relationship by Communication Essay

Building Team Relationship by Communication - Essay Example The meeting was called to identify them. In the meeting the onus to find and hone up the winning debater was given to two senior students of the school. One of them was James a very aggressive and vocal student who was the leader extracurricular team of the school. The other was John known for his intelligence but agile and reserved personality. They were given the responsibility to select five students in each team to be groomed as the new winning team for the forthcoming debating competition. The committee on Extra-curricular Activities headed by the principal of the school was finally to decide two students to be sent for participating in the competition. He prepared a team of ten such students mainly from senior student group and asked them to participate in debating programs scheduled in the school for training them and asked every participant to prepare for effective presentation. He prepared a schedule for the program and informed students to participate without fail. "Students who have debating skills and killing spree through convincing arguments are invited to join the winning team for further grooming Students must be versatile, flexible knowledgeable and presentable. Early record of debating will be a plus point" James received 20 applications from all classes. Every one was encouraged to join for the grooming sessions. Grooming sessions were divided into nine debating sessions. Each session had different subjects to debate on. All participants were divided into four groups of 5 students each. Two winning participants from each group of James and John who would be sent for final presentation to the sports selection committee would be given letter of appreciation from the principal. The final two winners would get the chance to represent the school in the debating competition. The winner will get a silver trophy and reward of $10000 dollars as scholarship. Both James and John clearly spelled out the objective to their team members. "We have to groom ourselves to be the winner in the next debating competition and stand out with the winners' image the school had earned through ages" " Are you committed to this pious objective" Unanimous reply was "Yes Sir" The first grooming session started on 15th April. James was with team members sharp at 9AM in the hall. Only seven students were present. It was alarming for James. The team of seven had grueling debating on assorted subjects and no one was ready to give in. At the end the team expressed satisfaction that the super seven had the real fighting spirit. In another hall James and his team of twenty assembled to have the basic knowledge of debating. James had managed an old school alumni Anderson who had once won the Inter-school competition to groom the team members. He talked with

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