Monday, September 23, 2019

Criminology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Criminology - Essay Example Considering non-human victims of harm in criminology involves victims as animals and victims of environmental crime. The international centre for criminal law reform and criminal justice policy supports considerations given to non-human victims of crimes. Criminal law protects vulnerable victims, the ostensible purpose of the law. Animals, however, do not enjoy the protection fully in the current set up of the law. A significant number of legal systems offer protection to people and their assets. Few laws are there that protect the rights of animals. Animals independently deserve a set of animal rights, different from their generalization as properties. This implies that animals have no set position in the legal system that addresses their grievances and afflictions. In several cases that involve animal rights, the case set involves the human guardians of the animals, who speak for animals. Currently, there exists no full protection of animals in the criminal law. To achieve full pro tection of animals’ rights in the legal system, their representation should change from their status as property. Instead, they should have full representation in the legal system and clear mechanisms set to address the grievances of animals. They should speak for themselves and their recognition as sentient. The members are to pay full regard to animal welfare. Criminology should show concern to harm to animals. There should be mechanisms to address green criminology. This involves crimes against the environment. Animals’ rights to sustainable utilization are fundamental. In doing this, such criminology attempts to confront harm against animals and crimes against the environment. Cases of mistreatment of animals and violation of their rights that brings harm to the animals should receive appropriate treatment. Green criminology is a topic that continues to draw attention to many organizations that lobby for animals’ rights. The UK was notably the first country to implement the law on animal rights. The Act abolishing improper treatment of cattle, with cruelty, came to law in 1822. The UK government recognizes animals as sentient beings. Its devotion aims to the protection of animals welfare is high. In1911, a law passed in the UK channeled for the protection of animals. International laws recognize animal rights. In 1997, there was a law by the European Union that officially acknowledged animals as sentiment beings. The EU requires its member countries to conform to the law set and recognize animals as sentiment beings. There are in existence, multilateral environmental agreements that recognize the need to protect biodiversity including animals. The United Nations crime commissions and congresses acknowledge environmental crimes and crimes to animals. International laws, therefore, are sufficiently concerned with animal rights. Environmental victimization is the state where the environment gets subjected to unhealthy practices, which lea d to its pollution, and leaves it in worse states that it should be. Environmental victimization takes several means, whereby, the environment is misused and wasted with its resources being depleted, while some become dormant. According to Beck et a l., 1994 environmental problems arise from social factors like reflexive modernization, globalization, as well as individualism. Becks position about mass media is incredibly transparent; however,

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