Tuesday, October 8, 2019

How Learning Strategies Have Changed and May Continue to Change in Essay - 1

How Learning Strategies Have Changed and May Continue to Change in Relation to the Application of Information Technology (IT) in Schools - Essay Example This report stresses that information technology continues to change to achieve the objective of simplicity. These changes are brought about by the need to change leadership in learning institutions as it relates to strategic planning and the role of information technology. This paper makes a conclusion that application of information technology in schools has changed the teaching and learning strategies of students and teachers. Traditional learning strategies such as classroom instructions were dropped and use of communication technologies to transfer information has been adapted in most schools. Changes in information technology have also made it possible to learn through e-learning. Communication between instructors and students has been made possible through use of information technology devices such as computer-aided instructions. Digital libraries also make it possible for students who school through e-learning to access large volumes of information. Information technology continues to change so that it can become simpler. Complexities in technology make use difficult for a number of individuals. Simplicity will ensure technology will be accepted into more learning institutions. Application of information technology can therefore raise personaliz ation of learning strategies and still ensure labor costs are kept at a minimal. This will have positive impacts as it will motivate students and improve the education system.

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