Friday, October 18, 2019

Rhapsody in blue George Gershwin Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Rhapsody in blue George Gershwin - Essay Example Rhapsody in blue is a musical composition in 1924 by George Gershwin and combines both the elements of jazz music and classical music influenced by the sound effects. It is a famous work of art that has received its premiere at an experimental modern music concert in 1924. Gershwin gets recognition as a committed and talented composer ever existed making his work the most famous of all time American concert works (Schwarz and Charles, 23).George’s composition portrays a classic talent in that a young composer goes beyond the level of people of his type can achieve. He brings out the art of creativity in a subject that, he is far from mastering. Despite the lack of the skill, he expresses himself in an amazing, original and high standard form. He combines trite several ideas in a varying and builds on rhythms that catch the attention of the listener immediately his work is playing (Downes and Olin, 16).The rhapsody in blue is an out of the world composition inspired by the flow of traffic and a blessing from God. Such composers are rare in the world; therefore, everyone here should glorify God for being in the generation that such a composer exists and have a feel of this sentimental, feeble and creative work (Schiff and David, 19).The theme of dance is no mere dance tune, but a catching moment that the listener is taken to the world of peace and imagination with the harmony of the tunes played. The parts can be separated and played differently without affecting the feel and flow in this magnificent work.

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